Hey Folks,

A few days went by. I thought I had enough. The thought ran through my head, the next woman I date would be the mother of my children. So, like any normal Indian man, who had forgotten how to play his game in the dating scene would do, I joined a matrimonial site. I browsed through the site for lovely Indian women and did come across many. I had “one mutual like”.  I got her number and there I was speaking to her over the phone for hours at a stretch.

We decided to meet up soon and planned for an evening coffee out in mosque road. I rode my bike across to meet this girl. Turned out she was larger than her pictures suggested. It was not something I anticipated. The stark difference in appearance surprised me. Her pictures against the actual her. I couldn’t stop thinking to myself. How did she do this. Could pictures be so deceptive? Yes, they were.

We spoke and had coffee, walked over for some dinner and finally ended up having an ice in a store close by. I walked home later.

Once done, I picked up my other bunch of cigarettes and thought to myself “WTF?” I started my machine and went home only the realize mid-way I was out gas. Life was a shit hole then. I called a ex colleague and pulled out some petrol from his bike and poured it into mine. I reached home and we spoke for a few more hours that.

She didn’t turn up to work the next day. She called me in the morning and said I could meet her at her place. An hour later, I turned up at her doorstep. The small talk followed. And she took me to her room and began searching for movies to play on her laptop. I had a thing for rom-coms and we decided to play ‘We’re the Millers’ and placed the laptop on her bed with us lying over.

The next few moments were not something I expected. She came and rest her head on my shoulder while we watched. Twenty minutes into the movie she began staring at me expectantly. I thought I should just give it a try. And bang ! There I was. My first conquest. I hated the way she kissed and her skin. I thought to myself that she didn’t feel like my earlier girlfriends – Soft and tender. I just carried on because of the heck.

Once the act was over I made up some random excuse and headed out. I began thinking to myself. I was on a matrimonial site, hoping to marry the next girl I was with and here she just slept with me on the second date. What just happened to my thoughts on Indian women. Was I so out-dated? Did times change so rapidly. Time apparently did change. I called up my mates and told them about what just happened. Some were literally shocked while others gave me the ‘I told you so’ dialogues.

We spoke for a few more days after that but she destroyed my peace about my ex a little too many times. I was done. She was done. But I now wanted more. I now knew I could get more.


Bachelor in Bangalore