There I go again


Hey Folks,

It’s been 2 years since I last blogged about anything on this planet. Doesn’t really matter much. But there is one thing that is paining me right now. I’m at a crisis in my life.

Today, I’m 31, unemployed, a womanizer and an alcoholic. God save me !

I’ve been asked by many to share a count of the number of women I’ve been with over the past 3 years. Now comes the sad part. I’ve even forgotten a few of their names and would take me some time to come a definitive figure. While I always fancied being such a man. Never in my wildest dreams thought I would be like that. But then some wild dreams do come true. I presume, the heartbreak of a love of 5 years did leave lasting effects.

I’ve decided to write stories of these women, describe how I met them once, twice, a few more times only to never hear from them again. Since they were a part of me at some point in my life. I thought I should pen them their stories down lest I forget that they were ever in my life.


PS – I would be on a marathon spree of writing in the next few hours. Do bear with the emotions.



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