There She Goes

Hey Folks,
So I think I should begin to where this all started. Back in early 2014, I was 28, lost my job in a company that I was the first employee at, I figured my girlfriend of 5 years was cheating on me and my Dad wasn’t around.

It had been 78 straight days of being a teetotaler. It was march 8th, woman’s day, when I figured that she had slept with another man. It took her a few months after that to accept it. However, It was on this day, I decided that I need to get over this woman by reaching out to many more. My first pit stop was a spa. In the by lanes of Bangalore, I would get to know how they all functioned. This was something I had to do. I had to get my woman out of my mind and needed to do it quick. Two women in 28 years was not a score to proud of.  I asked for a body massage and as expected things ended just the way I wanted. After 40 minutes of pure bliss she popped the question, “Sir, would you like extras ?”

Right at the entrance were women and aunties pampering themselves and here I was, walking out of the massage room with mixed emotions – I was sad, embarrassed, content and pissed off. I  avoided any form of eye contact and walked away. I walked down to the wine store and picked a bottle of whiskey and 3 packets of cigarettes. I was to finish them all that night. The masseuse had done her job. She unleashed the wrong side of me.


Bachelor in bangalore.


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