Life’s Lessons From Shahrukh Khan

Love him or hate him, one has to accept the fact that Shahrukh Khan is a self-made man. Every bachelor in town can learn a thing or two from him. A movie could be made on him. The only problem being that SRK has already made a his share of movies on his stardom ~ Billu Barber and Fan.

One of the things, I truly appreciate bout SRK was his humble beginnings. Not many know that SRK spent the first 5 years of his life in Mangalore with his maternal grandparents. Though not completely from the dust (his dad ran restaurants and he studied in St. Columba’s, New Delhi) he can be called a part of the common folk. His potential was always known since his childhood days where he went on to win the Sword of Honour at St. Columba’s School. This school happens to be alma mater a bunch of eminent personalities like Rahul Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory) , Derek O’Brien etc. This only suggests that the school has it’s fair share of alpha males. To stand out among the bunch would not have been an easy task.
However, the Shahrukh khan of today has let his fame get into his head. That being said there are still a bunch of takeaways from the gentlemen to learn. I personally have a always been a fan primarily due to certain personality traits which I think led to him succeed.

Here are a few lessons from SRK I think we should all take in to make it big and succeed.

Always challenge yourself


The SRK of the early 90s broke out from the routine primarily because of his grit and determination. At a time when no mainstream actor was willing to do the role of an anti-hero, SRK stood up. Aamir khan had denied Darr only because he didn’t want to get beaten up by Sunny Deol as it would be bad for his image. Baazigar was a movie where SRK threw actress out of the roof. Indian movie stars weren’t supposed to do that back then. Who would’ve done such a thing back in the day ? It can be easy to say Aamir began experimenting with movies only after he learnt the foundations on which SRKs popularity rose. SRKs downfall today is only because he stopped experimenting and challenging himself. He’s built a cocoon around him which is he isn’t willing to break. Only goes to show that once you hit a peak you should begin to fly.

Spread positive energy around


Everyone who knows SRK personally can’t stop talking about his energy levels and the positivity he brings with him. He literally sleeps 4 hours a night and yet wakes up to spread all the positive energy around him. It is only no wonder that many of his early directors still stick by him. From Karan Johar , Farah Khan, Juhi Chawla etc. They all still stand by him.

Have a vision of your success


Shahrukh khan keeps reminding himself he is the best. Some articles state that he stood on Marine Drive and said to himself that he would rule the city one day. I think the marine drive bit was stolen from Jim Carrey’s vision of his 10 million dollar cheque. That being said, one cannot deny the fact on the power of positive thinking and setting a vision for yourself. SRK epitomizes the power of positive thinking. There is also a documentary called “The Secret” which had released in 2006. You can view the movie on the link here.

Also, an american radio presenter called Earl Nightingale first spoke about this back in the 1950s. I thought it’s better I share his speech here rather than the recent movie. The guy does have a badass voice.

All this being said the SRK of today has taken his very strengths to be his biggest weakness and has now become full of himself. His movies at times are a reflection of his mind. But then again let’s focus on the good things like Earl Nightingale says his speech with regards to the mind, ‘ What you sow, is what you reap !’


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