Workout To Pass Time

The one in common experience in an unemployed life is freetime. I’ve looked out for various ways now to utilize this vast amount of free time and bring it to good use. One of the best things I’ve done of late is to begin my workouts. Personally, I believe the best way to way do this is by using God’s greatest gifts – The Mind and Body.
Bodyweight exercises keep the body lean, strong and healthy like a man. Anytime I go out in the jungle and a wild animal chases me I always manage to escape. The exercises give flexiblity, strength and stamina.

Well stretched muscles help in achieve a full range of your body’s motion. Exercises get their best outcome when the body is able to do the right amount of stretching.
I’ve been focusing on the chest, back, arms, legs and torso as most of the bodyweight exercise revolve around the four limbs moving in full flow. I spend around 20 minutes on various stretching exercises before I begin my strength workouts.

Strength workouts
I’ve started with the 3 basic workouts in sets of 3 each. – Push Ups, Pull Ups and Squats.
I do not do this till I faint and the ambulance has to revive me, but till the time my muscles hurt. I’m terrible at pull ups so I try to hit the 10 figure mark here. I remember doing 15 in my first attempt at pull ups when I was a 14 year old. How I wish those days would be back. The sedentary lifestyle has had its affect.

Stamina Builders
Burpees is definitely the most insane of bodyweight exercises one can come across. I came across this years ago through the freeletics videos on how to change your body in 90 days and man they are insane. I do around 50 at one go and then end up being breathless for a few minutes. This exercise has both strength and stamina to it. On a bad day I let go of my stregth workouts but not burpees. You can watch the video on ‘how to do a burpee’ here.

Mind Strength
Around 2 years ago I attended Sri Ravishakars Art of Living. I had plans to attend this program since the time I was 18. I must admit, joining the program is one of best decisions I made. The program focuses on Sudarshan Kriya which is about the right breathing techniques. My impatience had dropped significantly after attending the program. I also intend on atteding Sadhguru’s program sometime soon.


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