Paid for my services – Paye Pour le sexe

Hey Folks,

It is about time I shared another incident which happened a few months back. As usual I was at it playing on internet forums trying to pick up the next best thing. I landed up on a woman who anyone would think was way above my playing field. She came from a successful political family of india and they had a bunch of businesses. I never really thought that she would be interested but the she handed her number over to me in a jiffy.

Our conversations flowed in the strangest of patterns. On the first day she mentioned that she was looking to get married. Three days later she told me that she found someone and would marry him in another 4 months. Actually, her Dad found her someone. This goes on and we talk for days together, sometimes for hours at a stretch. She mentioned that I was the only man she met who would “listen” to her rather than buy her ‘Jimmy Choos’ shoes to make her happy. She is by far the hottest woman I got the opportunity to flirt with.
I must admit, I genuinely did like to talking to her as she was a lot of fun. Things were going great though we didn’t meet. Then comes the fun part. A week into our conversations we decided to meet at her place one a pre-decided date and time. On the stipulated day she doesn’t recieve my calls. After multiple attempts, I give up and end up going to drowning my sorrows with India’s favourite rum – old monk.

At around 11 pm she called me up and said, “Hey , I’m so mind fucked, I just had sex with an arab guy.” This literally pissed me off since I had made all the efforts over the past week to seduce her and she ended up with someone else. I asked her why didn’t think of me and she said she thought I was too sweet and I wouldn’t be the type who’d want to bang her. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to break the walls of my house. She then cut the call and called me back a full two hours later. Damn !

I tell her that I would head to her house immediately. I was too drunk to drive and I don’t remember why I didn’t take a cab to her house. But what did happen was I walked for 10 minutes and woke an auto driver who was fast asleep. I must have paid him a million bucks extra for him to ride across the city.
I’m usually the best when it comes to estimating travel time across bangalore since I’ve been since here the past 12 years. But this auto guy happened to be the slowest auto guy in the history of the world. To top it over the girl asked me to get protection. This made me go into hospitals completely drunk and ask the pharma folks for condoms. I ended up going to three mini hospitals at night. And finally I made it to her place. All the time I had to convince her to stay put and I’d be there.

Then I reach her and we do our little stuff. Since I was drunk, it ended up being the longest session I had. Even today I haven’t had a longer session.
Once we were done, I was wanted to sleep with her in my arms. Like the romantic hero that I am. This didn’t happen. She for some reason wanted me out of there making silly excuses. She told me how if her father found out I’d be finished. I told her I didn’t have cash for the trip and would have to head to an ATM. She removes a Rs. 1000 note and hands it to me. She then books a cab for my return.

On reaching home I realised what just happened. I felt like a whore. I couldn’t help but think how the prostitutes around would have felt.

She was to leave to the US the next Tuesday. We decided to meet up on the Sunday. I didn’t call her that Sunday fearing for my life. I was drunk on tuesday and ended up calling her that night. She cut my call after a few rings and blocked me for good. Iphone users would that once you block someone you’d never hear of them on your records.
I never met her after that but we did happen to have lunch in the same restaurant a year later. Her with her husband and me with my date. Don’t think she noticed or recognized me. But I do remember her fondly. She was definitely a nice girl. Those two weeks with her will always hold a special place in my mind.
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