Establishing a Morning Routine

Over the past few weeks I have set up a morning routine. The routine has allowed me to be more productive through the day has definitely improved both my health and mind.

One of best statements on routine is from a favorite movie of mine – Behind Enemy Lines. Owen Wilson had sent his resignation as a Naval Officer earlier in the month and Gene Hackman calls him into his office to hear him out. He asks Owen about his decision to leave the Navy, to which Owen Wilson replies it’s the routine which wore him out.

Gene hackman then gives out one of the greatest dialogues on routine I’ve heard.
‘What you don’t know from experience son is that the routine, the drills, the maintaining of discsipline – thats what you do to prepare for war.’

Though I don’t literally go to a war everyday, I am metaphorically at war with surroundings and situations everyday.Over the past few weeks, I’ve established the following routine to prepare for that war.

1. Wake up at 5.30 AM

2. Walk , jog and workout at the park for 1.5 hours

3. Medidate and breathing exercises for 20 minutes.

4. Cook up a great breakfast

5. Bathe and Shave

This routine has taken up the first 4 hours of my day since a few weeks now. Each day is like waking up to the unknown. I wouldn’t know how the day would unfold. With the routine I’ve established, I’m now at peace to how the day to unfolds. Being open to the moods of the day was only possible by establishing a control over my morning routine. In the past, I’ve felt the innumerable emails and meetings was only allowing other people to control my life. Establishing a morning has allowed me to control a certain part of my day and has allowed me to sail through the rest of the day.